App Installation

To install Better Blog Comments, there are two options available depending on your Shopify theme version. Most stores will be able to do this page's drag-and-drop installation method.

If this doesn't work for your theme (eg. the theme blog template doesn't allow you to add app blocks), then you can follow this manual installation document.

Step 1. Open your current theme's editor

  1. Navigate to the Online Store tab in your Shopify Admin.
  2. Click on the "Customize Theme" button next to your active theme, this will open the theme customization editor.

Step 2. Navigate to a blog post template

  1. At the top of the theme editor, click the "Home page" dropdown to open a list of all your theme templates.

    Dropdown of all Shopify theme templates.
  2. Click "Blog Posts"
  3. Then select a specific blog post template (if you have multiple), or simply select "Default blog post" - this will be the template that your blog comments display on, so you can add it to multiple templates if you'd like.
Select the Default blog post template.

Step 3. Add the Better Blog Comments app block

  1. On the blog post template, look at the left sidebar to see the current page layout / structuring.
  2. Most of the time, you'll want to add the blog comments section below the blog post content. To do that, click the "Add block" button that shows up under "Content".
  3. Click into the "Apps" tab, and select the Better Blog Comments app block to place it in your theme.
Adding the Better Blog Comments app block to the post template.
  1. You should now see the Better Blog Comments form interface on your theme preview! Once you confirm this, save your theme (top right corner) and you are done the installation!

    Installation is now complete, save your theme and you are done!

Once again, if your theme editor doesn't look like that, or it won't let you add in the app block; either let us know, or follow the manual code installation guide here.

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