How does Better Blog Comments work?

Better Blog Comments is a Shopify app that allows users and readers of your blog to review, and comment on your Shopify store blog posts. The app handles advanced features that Shopify's own built-in blog system doesn't allow, such as email notifications on new comments, advanced spam protection, comment replies, and a 5 star rating system among other niceties.

Getting Started

The app will auto-install the required code widgets onto your Shopify theme, but if that doesn't work for some reason, check out this easy installation document:

Once the widget is installed, you will see a new section on your Shopify blog post template. It will look like a standard blog comment form with a 5 star rating system attached:

Managing & Viewing Comments

After your comment form is showing up, watch the comments start rolling in!
When a customer / reader comments on your Shopify blog post, you will receive an email notification to your Shopify store's main email (if you'd like to change this to another email, just let us know!).
The comment will be displayed in the Better Blog Comments app homepage, too:Here you can see the various details about the customer, including their rating of the blog post, comment text, date, and the current "Status" of the comment.
You can also see the various actions available for each comment (approve, reply, or delete).

Comment Statuses

When a comment is submitted to the Better Blog Comments app, by default it will come in "Unapproved". An unapproved comment will not be visible on your blog post.
Once approved (in bulk, or by clicking the checkbox button like in the screenshot above), the comment will be published and visible on your blog post comment section:
Unapproved, approved, and spam are the three statuses available to a comment.
Marking a comment as spam will essentially 'unapprove' the comment (making it not visible), as well as add the comment text and spammer's email to our spam identification system. We use this data to ensure similar spam comments don't make it through the system to annoy you or any other Shopify store owners.
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